WE NEED TO STOP THIS NOW! Dead by Daylight

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10 thoughts on “WE NEED TO STOP THIS NOW! Dead by Daylight”

  1. Watching True, I started to like Ace when I never was a fan. Please, more survivor games 🙂
    Edit: I actually love bringing Franklin's + Sloppy .. so I keep finding survivors, disturbing their healing and making them lose the heal ..

  2. Man is the only one who isn't hooked, and a fellow survivor dies on his 3rd hook. Um…. maybe take a hit for your teammate. Even if the teammates are subpar, still your responsibility to help them. I wouldn't want True on my team. He rarely ever takes a down for his teammates. None that i can remember actually.

  3. True I just found out and did it

    If you get three token in devour and you use weskers power it one shots them like if it was a basic attack …

    BROKEN !!!! Ever since I found it out I’ve been using it and I haven’t lost a match YET ! Against SWF too


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