Week One | Swish's DbD Tournament 2 | Competitive Dead by Daylight

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Hope you guys enjoy the tournament. I’ve actually been REALLY enjoying casting competitive DbD and I hope you guys are enjoying watching it as well.

As always, feel free to give me any feedback on things you’d like to see different, especially in regards to providing more information. We have way more this time around, but i’m always open to hear what you guys would like to see.

For more info on the tournaments rules + teams, check out this doc. Perks/items listed are bans when that killer is played. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_vqE5Dyy9qB9PLq1HX5jYARBGoo_A8AFNUiWdArr4ns/edit

0:00 – Intro
2:45 – Jinx vs Atrocity Match 1 (Atrocity Killer)
9:30 – Downtime
20:40 – Jinx vs Atrocity Match 2 (Jinx Killer)
30:20 – Downtime
43:47 – Trauma vs Frontier Match 1 (Frontier Killer)
52:12 – Downtime
1:02:58 – Trauma vs Frontier Match 2 (Trauma Killer)
1:11:55 – Downtime
1:22:59 – Freedom vs Monarchy Match 1 (Monarchy Killer)
1:32:50 – Downtime
1:43:50 – Freedom vs Monarchy Match 2 (Freedom Killer)
1:53:40 – Downtime
2:09:23 – Cookies vs Master Game 1 (Master Killer)
2:13:50 – Downtime
2:18:04 – Cookies vs Master Game 1 continued (Master Killer)
2:27:00 – Downtime
2:33:06 – Cookies vs Master Game 2 (Cookies Killer)
2:43:00 – Downtime
3:00:17 – Deity vs Odyssey Game 1 (Odyssey Killer)
3:07:30 – Downtime
3:18:23 – Deity vs Odyssey Game 2 (Deity Killer)
3:26:00 – Final Downtime/Outro

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47 thoughts on “Week One | Swish's DbD Tournament 2 | Competitive Dead by Daylight”

  1. Im so glad to see more of "competitive dbd" because even if i dont play the game or really keep up with it anymore it is very entertaining to watch matches with multiple people commenting, with restrictions and with organization.
    Thank you, tofu, for uploading this on youtube and thanks to everyone else in the cast (including the players) for making this possible.

  2. Atrocity should've been taking hag traps, they shouldn't have went to the other side of the map, and honestly, ruin undying is not a good perk setup in high rank hag gameplay. Survivors are going to check for ruin, and then they're going to be looking for your ruin WHILE bullying your traps. Internally cringing while watching that gameplay.

  3. I checked the rules and damn, the bans are a mess o.o
    They definitely make the game play better, but it's annoying to check the specifics for each killer and it's still hard to remember which perks can be in play.
    I get that during the tournament the perks must be hidden, but would it be possible for Youtube that you edited little icons next to the survivors to show what builds they are running, and also reveal the killer's build? I'm currently taking screenshots to make cheat sheets before each match, that definitely makes it more enjoyable for me 😀 For example, this play at 44:40 was way more impressive knowing that the dude got resilience.

  4. eu has always had more nurses n spirits than us, us has more huntress n billy bc of the older differences in meta. ofc since the games changed its totally different n the meta is the exact same wherever but most comp players have been playing at least since the time there was a distinct regional meta if not long before n helped define that meta

  5. AYOO I've played against the Poki<3 mommy guy, actually was just uploading that video when I realized that he was in that game. He was in a bully squad with all flashlights, but it was still a fun game. I was about to end it early as well, but my remote died, still got the 4k although they weren't doing gens

  6. Would need a bit of talking out, but, since the second round/game goes into it knowing the win conditions and you'll almost always have a "Sportsmanship" of waiting it out. What if you added incentive to keep playing it out. Things like: MVP – Overkill – Style – Best Teammate – Savior – Toxicity. Anything really that can reward minor prizes to either side but not toward the overall tournament. Could be super low cash prizes or something else. It would increase the engagement and could bring in interesting scenarios in the first matches where people may go for other tactics that can reward them.

  7. Hey friends, I'd love to discuss the possibility of revealing perks, and be open about why we don't do it. (added more in another comment, check replies)

    A lot of builds killers like to run are late game builds, NOED + No Way Out are very common perks in builds and the ability to know that these perks are in play gives a HUGE advantage. On top of that, even knowing those perks AREN'T in play gives a huge advantage too. You can see this at 1:31:30 in this video, when the survivor team fears NOED so they don't go for the easy save that they could have gotten. Unfortunately, the DbD comp scene is still a bit scuffed and we can't really trust players to just not cheat and look at the stream to tell what perks are being run.

    But also, I do understand that seeing the builds would help A LOT with the viewer experience. I'd love to be able to scroll through the survivors at the start of every game and talk about their builds and their potential role in the team as well, but it's very hard at the moment without sacrificing competitive integrity. We already stream the tournament with a 5 minute delay to help with potential screen-cheating, so I could try to discuss with the admins the possibility of extending the delay to 10-15 mins? Even that may be an issue though. I know in this video we had games that were all less than 10 mins generally, but if 2 VERY high level teams go against each other as twins/hag, the games can go for much much longer than 15 minutes.

    Feel free to give me your thoughts on it. If you have any suggestions or anything to share at all. I'm gonna try to figure out a way to do it while staying fair, but no promises, cause it might not be possible. It also might not happen for this tournament, but maybe for the next one. I'd love to hear your thoughts though.

  8. Hey so I have a build you should try I used artist since you can hit people who are next to totems just if let's say you started HEX pentimento. So the build is called the Helen Keller. HEX Pentimento, Thanatophobia,Hex Third Seal And Hex plaything. THana is there for the game early on and later when your trying to get all stacks of pentimento. This build is funny and survivors will surely cleanse totems and if they don't well they will be deaf and blind and Thana will help slow gens down. It's a build that could be really good on trapper,pig or nightmare. I recommend this build at least try a couple of games.

  9. Slinger being dropped this Tourney was interesting, i thought he had a decent performance in the previous one, but its been a while so I don't quite recall. Also no Bubba is surprising, he's kind of the basement camping king, and with how much that comes up in this tournament i'd have thought that he'd be a shoe in.

  10. I think deadlock is not a good perk for comp. That last huntress match was the perfekt example. You hook a guy and hardcamp them to death not even trying anything else well knowing you can afford it due to deadlock. Thats like messed up and also boring to watch


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