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27 thoughts on “HIGH MMR BUBBA VS HADDONFILED! – Dead by Daylight!”

  1. cry babies whining about “why camping” when it’s haddonfield to begin with. shame on the killer for trying to win. it’s unfair the killer doesn’t play by the rules of the four other minds he has to deal with.

  2. honestly despise bubba even when playing him, his character concept and his gameplay to me is very lame. characterwise he's just a psycho cannibal with a chainsaw who doesn't know any better, gameplaywise most people camp with him because he's good at it and also getting a chainsaw down doesn't make me feel accomplished at all

  3. Guys, trust me!!! I played survivor vs him playing as Bubba with swf on Aslyum and he got 2k all the match because I had a friend with 96 hrs in the game( he looked in our profiles to see the hrs) and also got me by camping at endgame on a dead zone. And he kinda got violated. Again, trust me! You''ll learn nothing from him! He only post videos when he got 3 or 4k. He didnt post that match with me. If it wasnt for Dbd, he wouldnt gotten that far on youtube or twitch.

  4. I'm sorry but where was that a high mmr team? These were really average survivors. Unless u mean urself with "high mmr bubba" then I understood the title wrong and imma shut up. But if u mean bubba goes against high mmr AND Haddonfield then nah… that was not a solid team at all besides them doing gens pretty fast which I would subscribe to the map being hard to pressure not the survivors skill level


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